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After being in the electronic security industry for over 20 years, I found that clients are under the false impression that their gate is a security installation, when in fact the automatic gate is really more of a convenience. Gates being lifted or ripped off its rail is becoming a common problem, even during broad daylight.

I have researched, designed and manufactured a product that is in essence a single zone alarm system that is always armed and only bypassed for a short time after the gate is triggered legitimately.

The output of the alarm can be connected to a siren or linked to the household alarm that may be connected to armed response or it can even be linked to a GSM Communicator to SMS the owner about the forced entry.

Typically the trigger of the Gate Alarm would be an industrial Door Contact mounted in the motor housing, other options would be to use the safety beam or even to install a outdoor motion sensor. 

According to statistics 94% of criminals enter your yard through the front gate. Your electric fence is alarmed so you know if someone comes through the fence but you have no idea when someone comes through your front gate. Criminals operate in two ways, either removing the gate on their way in or they will climb over the gate and their partners will forcibly derail the gate at the last moment allowing them to exit with your possessions. 


What to expect from the GATE ALARM: 

  • Press the existing gate remote, the alarm is bypassed for a programmable time, gate opens, No Alarm.
  • If the gate remains open for longer than a programmable time the alarm will activate.
  • Press the existing gate remote, if the gate does not start opening within four seconds the alarm will activate.
  • If the gate is opened without the existing remote being pressed the alarm will activate.


Easily installed on existing gate motors.



  • Q. What will happen during a power fail?
  • A. The system works on the Gate Battery
  • Q. Does the control unit have a guarantee?
  • A. Yes for 12 Months
  • Q. Will it also work on a double swing gate?
  • A. Yes it can
  • Q. How is it armed?
  • A. It is always armed and only bypassed when you open the gate with a remote
  • Q. What if I sometimes leave my gate open for extended periods?
  • A. A second magnet is installed in the fully opened position
  • Q. If activated how do I switch it off?
  • A. The Siren output has a selectable timer
  • Q. I want one. Who can I get to instal one?
  • A. There is a list of Installers and Distributors on the left. Otherwise who ever currently works on your gate will know how to set it up.
  • Q. Can it detect someone jumping over the gate?
  • A. Yes outdoor motion sensors can be added on